We know that you love your silver jewellery and want to keep it sparkling like new for eternity. Through this blog post, we will impart you with insights on how you can properly take care of your sterling silver jewellery by preventing it from getting dull or tarnished over time.

Ensuring proper care of your jewellery not only enhances its life and lustre, but also enables you to enjoy it for years to come. 

Keep reading for important tips!

With little bit of effort, you can protect your precious silver jewellery for years to come and keep it pristine.




Pay attention to how you store it 

Certain areas of the home and different objects can be magnets for tarnish, corrosion and other issues. Seal your silver jewellery into a ziplock bag.

When sealing your jewellery into a ziplock bag, open a small area of the seal and  make sure to squeeze out any remaining air from the bag. You can also use anti-tarnish bags by investing in anti- tarnish bags, you will protect the delicate materials of your jewellery, it is more durable and sustainable than disposable plastic and zip-lock bags.

Note: Do not wrap the jewellery with rubber bands or tie the bag with rubber,also do not store in paper, cardboard, or cotton-filled boxes, as they release sulphur, which can cause tarnishing.



Don’t store your jewellery too close together

Avoid storing your silver jewellery too close to other jewellery that is made from different materials. Doing so can make your silver pieces vulnerable and prone to tarnish.

Consider buying a large jewellery box with multiple sections for you to categorise your jewellery seamlessly or opt for a tiered storage system that helps divide up your jewellery.



Wear it in the right order & take it off when not needed

Don’t wear silver jewellery while swimming, gardening, gyming, doing dishes or having a shower, and so on. As your precious jewellery is not your companion for your everyday chores.

When you return home, your silver jewellery should be the first thing you remove and the last thing you put on before heading out. It will protect your jewellery to a large extent from lotions, perfumes, hair spray and makeup.


Polish it with a clean soft cloth 

Be diligent and careful while wiping silver jewellery, as carelessness might lead to damage. Use a clean soft cloth or anti tarnish wipes that will not leave any scratches on it. 

A good quality precious metal or silver polishing cloth should be an essential part of your silver cleaning kit. Also, lint-free flannel, microfiber or other soft non-abrasive cloth will work just as well and won’t scratch the jewellery and is great for getting any film or dirt off.



Seek professional help for damage you can’t fix

Consider visiting a professional jeweller to get a second opinion, when you feel that your silver jewellery is damaged and you cannot fix it. They may have the professional equipment to address the issue and also offer cleaning services to restore your pieces to the sparkling silver it was before.

Note: Investing in good cleaning materials and technology will save you time and money in the long run. 


Keep out of direct sunlight & moisture

Store your sterling silver jewellery in a cool place away from direct sunlight, to prevent it from being damaged and tarnished.

Also, moisture is one of the things that will almost guarantee your silver jewellery will tarnish and it is one of sterling silver’s biggest enemies. So you should keep it away from moisture at all costs.



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Keep your silver dry & clean

Moisture and wetness can remove the  lustre from your jewellery over time. Make sure to keep your silver jewellery dry. Remove your jewellery and apply your creams; allow them to dry  completely before wearing your jewellery again.

Make sure to clean your silver items from time to time so that the process of tarnishing can be slowed down.

Why does silver tarnish?

One of the major reasons why silver gets tarnished is because of the contact with chemicals, but it can be prevented with very few precautions and can be removed very easily as well. If you follow the above-mentioned guidelines, you can easily slow down the process of tarnishing but cannot prevent it completely as it is a natural process. 

Tarnishing is completely natural, and a part of the chemical makeup of these metals, so don’t worry, you’re not doing anything wrong.

Note: Tarnish grows more quickly on silver that has been freshly polished than on silver that has already tarnished.

So in conclusion, there is no magic formula to follow; however, a bit of gentle care and attention will work wonders in keeping your precious silver looking as good as the day you bought it and can help to revitalise it.

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