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Crotor is the online destination for buying versatile all types of silver jewellery.

Our working process

Crotor upholds the concept of accessible and premium quality silver jewellery designs.


About our online store

Crotor is a one-of-a-kind online portal, where you can browse, select and shop the entire silver jewellery catalogue from the comfort of your home.

Crotor is a one-stop silver jewellery marketplace portal for individuals who are looking for 100% pure silver jewellery collections, to add a layer of sumptuousness to their unique personality. If donning silver accessories is your guilty pleasure and obsession- Crotor is your online shopping haven!

We feature high-quality, versatile, latest and affordable designs to make your everyday routine exuberant & opulent with our feel-good exclusive range of silver ornaments that comes with a silver lining of perfection.

Whether you’re looking for ethereal silver necklaces, bracelets, anklets, bangles, rings, or earrings, we’ve got it all covered! We ship throughout India and offer different modes of payment options to make your online shopping experience a delight.


Mirage Patel’s unfeigned passion for silver pieces of jewellery gave rise to Crotor, as she felt that silver jewellery not only looks good on all skin tones but is also perfect for those who are allergic to other types of metals. It is also an excellent blend of durability, elegance, and malleability and is presently at the forefront of the fashion industry as well, fueling the silver-centric trend even more.