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Buying Jewellery for Yourself: The Ultimate Guide

“Why wait for a gift? Get your dream piece of jewellery now! A guide for everything you need to know to treat yourself.”

As a woman of the world, you’re independent — you know what you want, and you go after it. Whether it’s a great job, a fantastic vacation or an amazing apartment, you don’t wait for things to come to you. The same should go for jewellery — you don’t need a lover or a relative to decide to give you jewellery as a gift. If there’s a special piece you want to have, you can — and should — go out and buy jewellery for yourself.
It can be exciting, empowering, a needed boost after a bad day or a reward for a great one. It may even be all of the above!

“There’s sure to be a piece that fits your wardrobe, your lifestyle and your budget perfectly.”

However, if you’ve never done it, buying jewellery for yourself can be a little disorienting at first. After all, you’re making a large investment in something you want to wear always; but with a little research and a little more shopping, you can treat yourself to something gorgeous (come on, you deserve it!). You’ll definitely be thrilled with your purchase for years to come. Whether it’s a diamond right-hand ring you’ve had your eye on, a gemstone pendant, a tennis bracelet or big, sparkly stud earrings, there’s sure to be a piece that fits your wardrobe, your lifestyle and your budget perfectly.
You can build your fine jewellery wardrobe piece by piece, beginning with the basics, or go right for a showstopper your first time out — as with all things, it’s totally up to you. More women than ever before are taking the initiative and shopping for themselves.

Discover your style

When choosing a piece of fine jewellery for yourself, determine what kind of personal style you have; then choose something that fits in with that style. Some questions to ask yourself:
* What’s your work wardrobe like? Is it conservative suits and heels, or more like casual Friday every day of the week?
* Do you go for cocktails after work and attend the concerts and theater on the weekends? Or is your idea of a great Sunday afternoon a game of hand ball in the park?
* Do you tend to wear frilly, feminine things, or does your wardrobe skew more minimalist and sporty?
It’s important to get a handle on these things, because when you choose your jewellery, you’ll want it to look great with what you wear — whether you plan to wear it seven days a week or just on special occasions. You’ll be happier with your jewellery longer if it’s chosen with your style and lifestyle in mind.

Basic or bombshell?

Are you looking for a jewellery-box staple that’s clean, minimal, and will go with every outfit, Monday through Sunday? Does your jewellery box already have the basics? If not, that may be where you want to start. Or are you looking for a “wow- ’em” piece — something you’ll wear for special occasions or to really dress up?
In terms of basics, diamond studs are the perfect way to buy jewellery for yourself — they’re elegant, minimal, and have sparkle to spare. You can also find diamond studs in a carat weight to fit any budget, which makes them a great way to begin building your fine-jewellery collection.
Another great addition to your capsule jewellery wardrobe would be a simple gold chain necklace with a bezel-set diamond. As with the studs, you can get the necklace with a stone to fit almost any budget — and the clear shine of a white diamond is sure to go with any outfit, from a silk dress-for-success blouse to your coolest leather jacket. Round out your jewellery basics with a gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet. While generally not a budget purchase, this ultra-twinkly flexible diamond bracelet will be a staple, seven days a week. Show the world your sophisticated taste by adorning yourself with this enviable piece.

A fine watch is also a great way to invest in yourself and your look. Timepieces can be formal or casual, and some styles bridge both worlds. They can also add some bling to your wrist — many women’s watches are available with diamonds on the bezel and/or the face.
If you feel like you already have jewellery basics, consider branching out with some not-so-basic-but-still-spectacular pieces. Now is the time to consider black and color diamonds and other color gemstones. Want to bring out your baby blues? Consider some sapphire studs. Is your favorite going-out shoes fire-engine-red sandals? A pendant necklace featuring a crimson ruby or garnet will add a spark and miles of sophistication to any occasion.

If you like to attend special events such as theatre opening nights or black-tie charity events, a ring with a larger gemstone will instantly up the glamour factor of any ensemble. When buying a less-basic piece, think outside the (jewellery) box — go for something bigger, more colourful and bolder than your usual choices. You’ll want every night to be Saturday night.

Budget, baby

When investing in a piece of fine jewellery, you — as a savvy, modern woman — want to stay within your budget. If you have a piece in mind, consider putting a small amount of money into a savings account each month until you have the money for that special piece. If you receive a bonus or a raise at work, it’s a great time to reward yourself and put that money toward an item that will make you feel proud of yourself every time you glance at it.

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